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Small Group Meetings

Progressive Dinners begin October 3rd

Coming in September we will be starting Progressive Dinners.  This is a type of get-together where each course is served at a different home, so the party moves from one place to another during the course of the evening.

Here's how it works: The group splits into three teams depending on the number in the group--one for appetizers, one for the main course, and one for dessert. One person from each team hosts that group's course at their house. The evening begins with the entire group meeting at the first location for appetizers, then driving to the other homes for subsequent courses.

How to Plan a Progressive Dinner Party
1. Teams...  We will sign up for teams of three families or individuals--one for each course. There can be an additional three to five in the group who will not provide food but move from one house to another.  
Each team can choose a theme for the night… Mexican, Italian etc.  The food will be prepared to that theme.  As each course is complete the group will move to the next location for the next course.


If you have a small home, or live outside Sterling you are welcome to use Kelly Hall for your part of the dinner.   If you would like to participate but do not want to cook, you can join the group and move from one home to the next.  You are not obligated to cook… you only need to join and have fun.  The tentative schedule will be to start the dinners on Sunday October 3rd.  We will have a second dinner in November.  The hope is that the progressive dinners will lead to monthly small group gatherings.   Sign up sheets will be available in September along with additional information about these gatherings in upcoming newsletters and bulletins. 

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